Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colorado, Montana, Wyoming - a major diamond province remains overlooked

North American Craton with Wyoming Craton

Aerial photo over Twin Mountain Lake anomaly
A few of the Twin Mountain Lakes cryptovolcanic structures.
Note the white carbonate on the shoreline.
Hundreds of kimberlites, lamproites, lamprophyres, diamonds and cryptovolcanic structures have been identified  in the Wyoming Craton that lies under portions of Colorado, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming. Some of the larger targets were discovered in the Twin Mountains Lake district adjacent to I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie by the author several years ago, and these remain unexplored. More than 50 cryptovolcanic depressions show structural control, carbonate-rich sediments (in an Archean crystalline terrain) and distinct depressions adjacent (east) of the State Line diamond district. These could potentially be kimberlites with untold amounts of diamonds.

Some Wyoming diamonds
To view these anomalies (some may represent some of the larger diamond pipes in North America) search Google Earth "Twin Mountains, Cheyenne West, WY 82059". I highly recommend that you also examine these on Virtual Earth in the Twin Mountains Lake - Twin Mountains area.